Our kvass delivers 7 of the best-studied strains of probiotics. As part of a healthy lifestyle, these little helpers will keep you feeling at your best. 

Our flavors come from raw cold-pressed juices rich in beneficial polyphenols, enzymes and plant-powered nutrition. 

Tart and lively by nature, our kvass has a loveable low-sugar charisma that we let shine. No alternative sweeteners or "natural flavors" sleight of hand here. 


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Gluten Free

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Kvass (pronounced Kuh-vaas) is a traditional ferment from Europe and Asia. Historically made from rye bread or beets, it's provided daily drinkable probiotics for generations. Salty, sour and often served without carbonation, traditional kvass can be a bit of an acquired taste. 


We started by improving the flavor of beet kvass, then pioneered the use of sliced carrots plus cold-pressed juices to offer fresh new expressions of this fermentation tradition. Effervescent, lightly tart and full of life, Biotic Kvass is the next generation of real-food-powered probiotic beverages.  



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