To A refreshingly Innovative 

Probiotic Experience

Cold-Pressed Flavor

7 Strains of Probiotics

Biotic Kvass

Vibrant flavors and live probiotics


A millennium-old tradition infused with West Coast verve

Refeshingly Real

 Unlike most probiotic drinks, Biotic Kvass is made with no added or refined sugars, caffeine, yeast, gluten and effectively no alcohol.


And don't worry, we never use concentrates, extracts, essences, “natural flavors” or sugar alcohols either.

Our fermentations are fed by sliced carrots or beets and then flavored with cold-press juices. 

About Us

We're a family business, started by a father and son team in 2014.

Born out of our own thirst for a probiotic beverage without added sugar, kvass has become our passion and an expression of love. 


We're deeply committed to socially and environmentally conscious practices that uplift the regeneration of life on our planet.   


Thanks to our great retail partners you can find Biotic Kvass across the West Coast.  

We're adding new locations all the time - find one near you!

Paleo friendly

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